Monday 11th June - Queens Birthday

The Greensborough Veterinary Hospital shall be open for Urgent cases between 9am - 11am on Monday 11th June 2018, Queens's Birthday. 

The Rosanna Veterinary Clinic will be closed.

Routine hours shall resume on Tuesday 12th June at both sites.

For Emergencies outside of these hours we recommend:

Animal Accident & Emergency Centre

72 Hargrave Ave Essendon Ph. 9379-0700

Queens Bday


It’s exciting times ahead for Jacqui, our groomer, who has just commenced maternity leave.

Many of our clients would not be aware of Jacqui’s pregnancy, as she hides under her clinic scrubs uniform making her changing shape hard to notice.  Jacqui has been with us since 2016.  Jacqui’s carefree nature transcends through to the animals she works with.  She has this calming effect on animals, making their visits a lot less traumatic and more of a ‘day spa’ atmosphere. This means that the animals bounce in on their next visit, as it is like a ‘play date’ for them.

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If your dog or cat has been diagnosed with arthritis or mobility problems, the right nutrition can help manage the condition, reduce pain and keep your pet active.  Studies have shown that Hills Joint Disease Diet can help improve your dog’s mobility in just 21 days or your cat’s mobility in 28 days.

Arthritis is the general term for abnormal changes in the joint.  These changes occur when cartilage is worn away faster than it can be replaced.  Cartilage acts as a cushion to protect the bones, when it wears away joints become swollen and painful.

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The loss of a four-legged family member is always difficult. They are part of the family, our closest confidants and our best friends. It’s only once they are not there, that we realise what a significant part of our family they are.  In clinic, the loss of our client’s animals is not easy.  We are also on a journey, normally at the end stages of life, with many of these pets.  Our heart goes out to owners, as we understand the hurt you go through at these times of loss.   The poem below rings true to many of our faithful mates that have gone to the “Rainbow Bridge”.

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By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have discovered that winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin. Humidity is low, the outside air is cold and windy, and we are going in and out of cold to warm and back again, throughout each day. Even in homes with great ventilation, our bodies struggle to keep up with the temperature and moisture changes that occur throughout the day.

So the body cannot always keep up the necessary balance of chemicals, oils and bacteria that the skin requires to stay soft, flexible and comfortable.  The common result is dry, itchy, flaking skin.  What is true for human skin is often true for animal skin as well.

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