Dr Loriana Cassarino

Dr.Loriana Cassarino came to us in February 2015 as the first class to graduate Melbourne University with the title of “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine’ where as it was called “Bachelor of Veterinary Science” prior to this.

“Lori” as we call her, grew up in East Doncaster where she went to school and also worked at the local Coles supermarket while she was studying. Lori comes from a family of 3 brothers with one of them being her twin. She says there are very little comparisons between herself and her twin brother.

Her home is shared by a Cavalier X and a medium haired domestic cat who seem to co-habitate well together.

In her spare time Lori enjoys most types of sport. She takes to the netball court a few times a week, when her roster allows, being a member of the Deep Creek Netball Club and when we initially contacted her for an interview, she was actually on the tennis court. At Uni she was a keen member of the Kendall Hall netball, softball and football teams. Unfortunately she is an avid Carlton supporter.

Whilst studying, Lori did a variety of placements in different clinics. She did a lot of mixed practice and large animal work mainly on dairy properties and also with wildlife at a research project. In her spare time she volunteered at the RSPCA Veterinary Clinic and worked on the Regent Honey Glider project.

Lori has settled in quickly to her new graduate role at Greensborough. She stood out in the interview process by being a genuine, down to earth person who was easy to communicate with. She is always smiling and looking for something else to do in the down time and has accepted our quirky sense of humour quite well. Hopefully Lori will have a long, professional career at Northern Suburbs and is keen to meet new clients. She is available on a full time basis.