IAMS Cat Igloo

Switching your cat’s diet to a new food takes some planning.  Because cats are creatures of habit, it is not uncommon for them to prefer their current food to a new food.  They, like humans, become accustomed to something, like a food, and may not welcome a disruption to their routine. 

Cats normally eat to meet their energy requirements. There is a tendency for humans to think that cats need variety in their diet.  This actually is not true.  Cats are carnivores whose ancestors ate meat in the wild.  It is doubtful that a cat would choose to eat fish one day and chicken the next. Cats thrive on routine and should not tire of one particular flavour of food.  Iams is a premium cat food with fully charged flavour.   It does not contain flavour enhancers or artificial colours or preservatives.  The Iams cat range covers many stages of life including kitten, maintenance, hairball relief, indoor and mature & senior. 

For the month of November, purchase a 2.55kg or larger bag size and receive a bonus Iams polar fleece igloo. These come in Iams colours, orange with black embroided cats on the side walls and a pillow insert.  Great for puss to feel secure in and still be cosy.  Grab one early so that you don’t miss out, while stocks last.  Iams logo is “Keep Love Strong”.