Simparica - Fleas & Ticks - 50% Off

Holidays are not that far away.  Many of our dogs go camping or if lucky enough “glamping” over the holiday period.  As owners, we need to be aware of tick areas that we may be travelling to and the environment where fleas may also be more prevalent.

It is always more effective to start these preventatives before the season is upon us, by being proactive.  Simparica is an oral, flavoured chew that is given monthly.  It kills adult fleas and paralysis ticks on dogs as well treating ear mites, demodex mites and sarcoptic mange.  It is safe from 8 weeks of age.  This is the perfect product for those travelling, but you shall still require heartworm and intestinal worm control.  Simparica for paralysis tick, brown dog tick and bush ticks comes in 4 sizes: 5-10KG $49.50, 10-20KG $52, 20-40KG $55 & 40-60KG $58.75 all in 6 month/6 dose packets.

These prices are 50% off RRP at Greensborough & Rosanna Veterinary Clinics while stocks last and then shall revert to standard RRP.  This is a wise option for those going to the beach or rural areas.