There are many preventative health products on the market and it can become quite confusing.  Some of them cover multiple conditions and doses can vary depending upon the product. 

Advocate is a topical treatment applied between the shoulder blades for the treatment and prevention of fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms. By treating fleas, you are reducing the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis and preventing heartworm infection. Advocate also provides treatment and control of roundworm, hookworms, whipworm, sarcoptic mange, ear mites and lice.

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Hill’s Science Diet Professional range of foods has the slogan “Superior nutrition for the life of your pet”.  To make the best food possible, Hills use only high-quality ingredients including real chicken, lamb or salmon protein.  The dry foods boast quality protein as the first ingredient and provide clinically proven antioxidant benefits.  They contain no artificial colours, flavours preservatives or chicken by-product meal.  They are made with natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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“Roses are red

Violets are blue

For kissable fresh breath

Give me a chew”

Greenies began production in 1996 and have since given dental care to many dogs and cats around the world. They clean teeth and maintain healthy gums when given on a daily basis.

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Hills Canine T/D – Purchase a 5.5kg or 12kg bag and receive an instant $20 discount plus another voucher for $20 off your next purchase.

Hills Science Diets for Puppy & Kittens – Canine & Feline Healthy Development in 2kg size or greater. Receive instant $20 discount plus another voucher for $20 off your next purchase.

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