When Mixie Mancev, the moggy was brought in to see us she was in quite a bad way. The poor darling had been missing for 6 weeks, assumed locked in a building site and had returned home much worse for wear. Whilst we will never know what Mixie went through in those six weeks, we knew she needed a lot of love and care to get well again. She presented as underweight, malnourished, dehydrated and hypothermic.

Even from the very first consult it was clear that Mixie was a very special cat. Despite her ordeal, she never stopped purring.

Honey is a 12-year old Shih Tzu cross whose owner Helen brought her to our clinic because of increased appetite, thirst and frequent shaking and rubbing of ears.

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Puss Kelly is one of the most treasured felines that we see. His devoted mother, Irene is attentive to all of the needs of this 7.5kg white and black domestic cat. Puss was your everyday family cat that occasionally had a cat fight abscess and was also on Hills C/D food for a common male urinary condition.

Back in October 2006 Puss came in for a consultation as he was collapsing in the hind legs and was grumpy when palpated around the abdominal area.

Back in 2006 a small, silver and white, domestic short haired ball of fluff came into our clinic for the first time for nasal discharge after being purchased from the pet shop. This was to be Yoshi Spina.

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In our January newsletter we ran an article on Bearded Dragons as an alternate pet. To our delight we received feedback from an avid owner.

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