“Roses are red

Violets are blue

For kissable fresh breath

Give me a chew”

Greenies began production in 1996 and have since given dental care to many dogs and cats around the world. They clean teeth and maintain healthy gums when given on a daily basis.

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Hills Canine T/D – Purchase a 5.5kg or 12kg bag and receive an instant $20 discount plus another voucher for $20 off your next purchase.

Hills Science Diets for Puppy & Kittens – Canine & Feline Healthy Development in 2kg size or greater. Receive instant $20 discount plus another voucher for $20 off your next purchase.

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“Good pet parenting starts with great nutrition”, that’s what Hills are promoting. The slogan for Science Diet is “Superior nutrition for the life of your pet”.  Owners are devoted to their new pets and so Hills have a website devoted to them too.  This site provides owners helpful advice including caring for your new puppy or kitten and choosing the right nutrition. 

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Holidays are not that far away.  Many of our dogs go camping or if lucky enough “glamping” over the holiday period.  As owners, we need to be aware of tick areas that we may be travelling to and the environment where fleas may also be more prevalent.

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Here are a few snippets from the 2016 Animal Medicines Australia report:

  • In Australia there are 23.77million humans & 24 milliion pets
  • 62% of Australian households have pets
  • There is an average of 1.3 dogs and 1.4 cats per houshold
  • 38% of households have dogs and 29% have cats
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